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Mail submission port is now available.
DAWN WebService - by Nippon Data Corporation.
Nippon Data Corporation (CEO : Tomoyuki Taniguchi / Kita-ku, Tokyo) has launched "mail submission port" and "mail sender authentication". These new services are one of the company's "DAWN WebService" range of ISP services.

Safely transmitting mail with high reliability by using our service according to the current even if "Outbound Port 25 Blocking (OP25B) (*1)" that is becoming a main current one of the limitation means of the E-mail transmission as measures against the thing that ISP for which the customer is used becomes a sending spam mail messages origin now is introduced becomes possible.

There is a possibility that E-mail cannot be transmitted by a usual setting when ISP to which the customer has been contracted introduces this OP25B. It would be greatly appreciated if it could inquire of ISP to which the customer has been contracted whether OP25B is introduced, and the setting is effective. ISP to which OP25B that our company understands by the current state is applied is as follows. (The notification is usually done on the Web site etc. of ISP when ISP applies OP25B, and confirm that, please.)

WAKWAK applied on 1 March 2005
OCN applied on 1 November 2005
@nifty applied on 15 February 2006
So-net applied on 1 March 2006
InfoSphere  applied on 1 June 2006
TikiTiki applied on 1 June 2006
plala applied on 26 July 2006
BIGLOBE will apply on last third of Septempber 2006
ODN will apply on October 2006
SpinNet will apply on October 2006
DTI will apply on November 2006
DION will apply on December 2006
hi-ho will apply on December 2006

These services, based on Nippon Data and its group companies' Internet Security Policy Compliance, has become available for free for all the DAWN WebService users as of 15 September 2006. (*2)

New measures and service will be positively examined one by one to use the Internet each user's being relieved in the future.

Mail sending becomes possible by using the mail submission port as for the OP25B environment.
Outbound Port 25 Blocking is being gradually executed with each ISP as measures against the spam mail that increases every day. Mail cannot transmit by using DAWN WebService when OP25B is executed with ISP that each user is using.

In this case, please change the setting of the mail sending port to submission port (587) with the mailer (e-mail software) used.

When the mail submission port is used to do mail sending more safely, the mail sender authentication is needed at the same time.

Mail sending with high reliability is possible according to the mail sender authentication.
When the mail submission port is used, the mail sender is authenticated at the same time, and mail sending with high certainty or more and reliability becomes possible.

Please change the setting as you attest those who transmit with the mailer used at mail sending (SMTP-AUTH). ID and the password set here receive mail and are the same.

note(*1):  It is a mechanism that the act of transmitting mail by using the mail server of the other companies is restricted. Please inquire of ISP that each user is using about details.

note(*2):  The mail submission port and mail sender authentication begins the final test operation on August 26, 2006. A similar function can be used at the time of this. However, there are a possibility of stopping temporarily to verify and to maintain of service etc. Please acknowledge the user who experimentally uses this function before it formally releases it beforehand.

Nippon Data Corporation
DAWN WebService Team
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1 September 2006

Nippon Data Corporation
DAWN WebService Project Team

Nippon Data Corporation
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